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Emergency COVID-19 Disinfection Services by Bio-Hazard Clean-Up

Using Electrostatic Technology, we can 100% Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect your Home or Workplace Keeping everyone safe from COVID-19



Hypochlorous Acid Professional School Surface Cleaner (5-Gallon), Ready-to-Use 500PPM (HOCL), Powerful Cleaning for Schools Chairs, Lockers, Tables


UP TO 80x MORE EFFECTIVE THAN BLEACH & NON-CORROSIVE: Natural Clean’s Professional School Cleaner is the result of an advanced production technology that produces Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) – one of the best germ eliminators known to mankind. HOCl has been used for nearly 200 years and has been shown to be up to 80 times more effective than bleach.

SUPER STRONG: Natural Clean’s Professional School Cleaner is a very effective cleaner and great to use at the office, school, home or around your loved ones.

USE ON ALL SURFACES: Residue and scent-free results on highchairs, car seats, strollers, countertops, changing tables, floors, tablets, toys, laminate, furniture, granite, glass, metal, painted surfaces, plastic, porcelain, ovens, quartz, sealed & unsealed stone, sinks, stainless steel, toilets, vinyl, walls, and any other water-safe surface.

STRONG ON GERMS, GENTLE ON HUMANS: Natural Clean’s Professional School Cleaner provides super strength germ eliminating ability, while keeping people completely away from any harmful chemicals.

CONVENIENT & READY-TO-USE WITH 500PPM: Natural Clean’s Professional School Cleaner 5-Gallon Bag-In-A-Box comes ready-to-use with a shelf life of 6 months. You can use Natural Clean’s Professional School Cleaner at your leisure over many months without losing any efficacy.


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