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Emergency COVID-19 Disinfection Services by Bio-Hazard Clean-Up

Using Electrostatic Technology, we can 100% Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect your Home or Workplace Keeping everyone safe from COVID-19



RIYIFER Hypochlorite Generator, Hypochlorous Acid Generator Home-Made 84 Cleaning Water Convenient Sterilization Appliances Sterilization Rate Reaches


Color: Sliver

Size: 2000ML

Stainless Steel


Stainless steel

DISINFECTANT MAKING MACHINE: Just water + table salt, you can start it with one button, and make sodium hypochlorite disinfectant (84 disinfectant) anytime, anywhere.

EFFICIENT AND QUICK: The prepared disinfectant can be used immediately, please refer to the usage methods listed in the instructions.

MULTI-TIME SELECTION: According to the use situation, Select the disinfectant production time, the chlorine concentration can reach more than 1000mg / L, divided into three levels of low concentration, medium concentration and high concentration.

WIDE USE: This cleaning water can be used on any surface such as showers, toilets, countertops, mirrors, sinks, bathtubs, windows, doors, tile, porcelain, wood, plastic, vinyl, pet gear, baby gear, sports equipment and more.

NOTE: The salt water after electrolysis has certain damage to the metal and skin, and it should be rinsed with water immediately after spraying.

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